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I have been keeping a ‘Plague Journal’ since mid-March. It is often just the every day occurrences of my life, interrupted periodically by the realities of living during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I will post some excerpts for your perusal…some of it isn’t pretty, or nice, or particularly smile-on-your-brother pablum. It’s just not the way I feel about most things these days.

“March 17, 2020 09:10

I have gone out on the bike and picked up 15 litres of water, gone to the PO…normal stuff really.  Interactions next to zero. There is far too much dis-and-mis-information on the web, especially WhatsApp.  I received a long attachment this morning from someone in Australia who just passed on the whole rigamarole about hot drinks, sunshine, heat, etc…all bullshit.  Covid-19 does not have a cure, vaccine or any drug, real or imagined, that stops it.  Hand washing and avoiding personal contact is the way to break the chain.  The fellow who sent this mailing is suspect to me anyway.  I consider him a fraud and a huckster, a charlatan of the first order.”

“March 19, 2020 08:30

“I have looked at the news and there is nothing new from yesterday, nothing significant anyway.  China says it has no new infections. They saw their first in November 2019.  That was 5 months ago.  If that is the case then we have another 3 months of this to handle and we have yet to see the worst of it.” 

“March 20, 2020 12:05

Happy Spring!  Ha!  Right.  the Greek government has closed all the year-round hotels in the country except for two in Athens and one in Thessaloniki.  Probably for diplomats and their families. It was dead quiet last night and today too, even though the ferries are still running. There have been numerous letters and articles in the Greek press about stopping people from Athens coming to the islands.  Good.  Now, let’s see who listens. I fear it is too late in many ways.  This plague will be with us for many months before it is gone, and then we will still have to be careful until we develop immunities and vaccines.  2 years probably.  Travel will be a chancy thing to do so most people won’t do it. I am worried that this crisis will allow hard-line right wing governments to really take control, declare martial law.  A friend told me today she is afraid there will be real violence because of this. We shall see.  Certainly what this crisis is forcing us all to do is discover what is really important in our lives. It is sunny and quiet.  The birds are singing.  Skies are clearer.  There is not so much traffic.  I am lucky to be living in such times as these.”

“April 4, 2020 13;15

The addle-brained and porcine US President along with his greasy verminous son-in-law make policy on the fly, surrounded by assorted bootlickers and other greedy bastards.  The Vice-President looks on, expressionless, hoping in his empty heart for the end of Days to arrive so he can be with his precious fucking Jesus.  My answer to him?  To quote the late Max von Sydow, “If Jesus returned today he would never stop throwing up.”  These people are dangerous and evil.  They will do anything to stay in power, including trying to kill off the American voter.  Don’t be surprised in November when that Fucker in the White House tries to “postpone” the election.”  

“April 5, 2020 10:27

It is cloudy and windy today from the West and I have sheets out on the line.  It is Sunday, the day I do the wash, etc…Even during this strange and terrible time, the banal still occurs.  An old friend in America…his teenage son was killed in traffic accident last week.  A grandmaster of chess died the other day as a result of a car accident as wel…Mexican drug cartels are still killing people.  The ordinary still happens. This virus is terrible for everyone, but for the poor, the disconnected, and especially the people in ‘third world’ countries, it is worse.  They will be the hardest hit and we won’t see those numbers until late this summer and even then they will be inaccurate.  Low, that is.  There is no need for me to leave the flat today.  I have more than enough food, entertainment, etc…I want for nothing.  I am part of the global elite who has internet, lives in a free country, has financial means.  I am lucky.  My social backpack separates me from many.  Today I am filled with ennui.  And I feel odd, as if there are people conspiring against me.  As if there are people spreading bad rumours.  During this time I try to stay in contact with people I know, people I would normally consider friends.  Yet I rarely hear from anyone unless I make contact first. I can count the people who contact me on less than one hand.  2, maybe 3 people.  This bothers me.”


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  1. Catherine C Masters April 5, 2020 at 2:02 pm #

    We may not feel as if we are stressed but the stress is there and it can take many forms, irritability, paranoia, loneliness, sadness, forgetfulness, can all be stress induced. Be kind to yourself, and to others. Everyone is feeling the affects of this terrible time. Take care.