I think that Instagram uses a lot of my blogging energy. That’s my excuse for lagging on the blog-o-sphere…so…what to blog about? There is the obvious stuff, and if you have been reading the news even just a little bit…so I will try not to, but it is all part of the daily conversation I have with my parea at the cafe. The virus…dangerous old men…our planet on fire…hmm…yes…Italy has closed its borders and this should terrify us all. However, there is so much around that seems worse…maybe I am anaesthetized ?

I was supposed to go to Athens this month for a couple of days but I have decided to skip it and wait until after Easter.

And so I work, which is all I can really do. As a result my new portfolio is almost finished, almost ready to go to the framers. I will have a small solo show this summer, here on the island, to celebrate. I haven’t had a show, or been in a show, for a few years so it is time. It’s ok. I have been busy with other aspects of photography. It feels good to get back out there and put some pictures on the wall. They are all medium format silver gelatin images of wood, stone and water, hence the title of the show wood:stone:water I’ll get a poster done and put it up, around about…Nothing edgy about this work. Nothing shocking. Nothing obviously philosophical, unless you glom onto the fact that it is about wood, stone and water. Well then…that’s something else entirely isn’t it?

I am getting ready for another bike excursion this May. I’m staying in Greece. I’ll be seeing parts of the country I have never seen before and doing it by bicycle. It’s about 1400km, return. The most difficult parts will be between Rafina and Agios Nikolaos–traffic, population…after that it is mostly farmlands, smaller hills, bigger mountains. I will stop in Meteora and see that. Then up into the Pindus. Then back. I hope to return in time for a 10k run on Antiparos on May 30th. Crossed fingers!

This won’t be like Ireland. Less rain and no hotel reservations breaking up my travel flow. I hope to do at least 80km per day which puts me into Bikos National Park in about 10 days. Or that’s my little scheme, anyway. We’ll see what happens. No rush.

Not much else going on around here.


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