Some recent work…

wateringcanscanHere are some scans of some of the dark room activity I have been involved with.  Both images were taken with a Canon QL17 GIII with FomaPan ISO 200 b/w film.  One is from the Dalmatian city of Trogir while the other is from the island of Paros.  Both are on Fotokemika Grade 3 paper and were developed using Ilford PQ Universal for the paper work.  I think I used D-76 for the film development, but it was last summer and I don’t remember.


I like the deep contrast and the odd quality of the camera itself.  The edges are soft, slightly vignetted, which gives the image an older look.

I hope to spend the next week in the darkroom.  I really want to start going through older negatives as well as more recent work and printing some stuff.  I have enough paper and chemistry and I have the time.


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One Response to Some recent work…

  1. Aravis December 17, 2009 at 5:46 am #

    You’ve been doing really beautiful work John, and I’m so happy for you getting into the art school! I can tell how proud you are, and know that you’ll take full advantage of the opportunity. Good luck!