Darkroom work–The New Project

I am very excited about my upcoming academic experience.  It’s not as if I haven’t been to Greece every year for the past six–a fact I do not take for granted.  It’s just that this marks a change for me, yet again. This has a real purpose for my art and distances me even more from those who would call me a dilettante. I feel that although I will not buckle under trends in photography it is vital that I learn from others, whether it is Alex and Rebecca Webb, Mary Ellen Mark, Carol Yeager or any other mentor.  My father considered Wright Morris a mentor as well as Stanley Kunitz and so he built deep long-lasting friendships with both men. I have built a friendship with Carol Yeager and I hope to do so with others that cross my path.  Unfortunately I think some of them feel that maybe I am trying to ride on their coattails.

Sorry.  I have to do my own work and follow my own eye.  So I will continue to plod along and do my own work, all the while picking up tips from those who have come before.  I cannot take other peoples’ pictures, nor do I want to.

I am building a small portfolio of darkroom work to take with me to Greece. Different papers, developers, subjects, etc…All carefully notated.  I want to use this to show the instructors and see if I can get into the Advanced B/W Silver course, which is one-on-one.  What I really want to do is work in platinum…The more I think about it, the more I do not want to take the digital class.  I am thinking Beginning Drawing, Poetry and Advanced Darkroom.  Nice combo I think.

Tomorrow…some scans of recent darkroom work from the new project.


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