New directions, new work…


As I have already written, my digital work here as undergone a profound fundamental change.  Gone are the days of treating travel snapshots with the contrived gravity that only my own mind could grasp.  Although my film work has changed as well, it remains more within the traditional scope of photography.  The other has become more abstract and modern.  The example I am posting is a close-up of the ground.  It is from the seaport of Piraeus on a sunny day.  The only manipulations I have performed are exposure and curve controls and some selective colors that augment rather than alter the reality of the image.  It was taken with my old Canon Digital Rebel XT with a fixed 50mm lens.  I tell you all these things because I do not believe that abstract art should be thought of as a riddle to unravel, but rather a representation of color and light.  Be aware that the actual image is 250 x 400cm and fits on an A3 piece of paper.  Also, the colors are much more vibrant.  The yellow is brighter with more orange rather than the mustardy color on the screen. I apologize for that.

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  1. Aravis May 24, 2010 at 12:17 am #

    I like what you’re doing.