Disaster, solutions, sadness and completions…

I had toned all of my silver prints with selenium.  This brings out the blacks and whites and makes them pop as well as extending the grey-scale throughout the image.  Unfortunately something happened and I eneded up having fingerprints all over them. Disaster.  Calamity.  I was all set to re-print 10 pieces in one week, a job that has taken me all term to accomplish.  Then an excellent fellow photographer told me to take a small step first.  Bathe the images in water for 5 minutes and them rub off the prints with my fingers.  She’s an ace that one.  Worth emulating if only for her humility and modesty.

Success!  Now all I have to do is spot my images, matte them and I’m done.  My digital work is finished as well.

There is bad news, however.  A fellow student’s family member has died in America and he has to leave to attend the funeral.  This is a big blow to our small community and it is more of a shock coming as it does so close to the end of the term.  He’s an excellent sort–a poet–young, full of piss and vinegar and a devotee of Jean-Paul Belmondo…that he knows French New Wave cinema at his age is a credit to him.  I wish him god-speed, safe travels.  May he write dangerous poetry forever.  Write when you get a chance Johnny.  I’ll keep an eye for your name in the press.

More to come…


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