Mid-October update…

This is a short missive from my table here at Port Cafe, overlooking the Bay of Paroikia.  To mis-quote George III, not much going on here…except art, art work and art students working!  It is always pleasant to feel the hum of busy schedules being negotiated, smell the aroma of oil paints, inks and darkroom chemistry and encounter Aegean Center students writing at cafe tables, wandering about with cameras and expressing their enthusiasm for just being here on Paros.  One student exclaimed last night in the darkroom, “I love this process!”   I can dig it.

There were times in the past when I would hear the ferries come to dock and realize that I could be on one of those boats,  running from the changes that were necessary for my own growth.  Two nights ago I sat on a friend and colleague’s roof terrace eating dinner.  Four blocks away, the evening boat to Athens was putting in.  I heard the massive chains that hold the ramp unwind, the garbled announcement for disembarkation echoing across the platia and through the narrow winding streets.  There was a slight tremor to the ground as the massive diesel engines skewed the craft laterally in the harbor, righting itself against the concrete pier.  It was a musical, nautical poem of industrial tones.  My heart was struck by just how much I love living on Paros.  I am at a hub, the islands in the sea like stars circling the Parian Galactic Center.  I am here, now.  With all that passes for current events in the news-of-the-world, I am pleased to report that calm activity is the name of the game here.  The thrill is palpable.

Some of us went olive raking the other day.  It was more a cultural experience than work, since the owner of the olive trees had paid workers laboring along side of the students and teachers.  Due to my healing hand, I was not able to rake, but I did take some nice images of olives on the branch.  I relished a shallow depth-of-field.  I went as close as my lens would allow.  With a Canon 50mm L-Series f/1.2, that is damn close.





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2 Responses to Mid-October update…

  1. Stella October 16, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Great writing, great pics!

  2. John October 17, 2013 at 6:03 am #

    Thank you Stella.