Deep into December…

I wrote the following a few weeks ago as a draft…not all of it applies today but I find it oddly poetic.  So I kept it as is…no new header image yet.  I like the moving train.

I finally got around to making that salad that has been on my list for a week or so.

I have been back and forth from Athens a lot in the past 10 days–fun and business.

Thanksgiving was tasty and I spent it with close friends and some lively students.

I have given up on a darkroom project I began two years ago.  The negatives are unprintable.

Today is sunny and breezy and dry, a perfect day to open all the windows. 

Now I can begin something new and add that to the list where ‘make salad’ used to live.

The reality…it is a blustery, cool and wet morning here on Paros.  A perfect day for indoor activities.  The sun wants to come out.  Right now it is playing hide-and-seek with the clouds.  I am heading back to Athens in about a week to re-photograph a commercial photoshoot, this time with some really nice LED steady lights so I can do away with the glaring overheads of the room.  Better light, more control and a different set of lenses will make all the difference.  I will also pick up a big batch of digital work I have had printed.  One project under the belt!

My ongoing darkroom experiment with the Photo Club is really a blast!  So far there have been some excellent images produced and they love the magic of the darkroom.  An enthusiastic and mature bunch to be sure.  I am thankful for the opportunity.

So…the news…we have all been reading it, right?  I am assuming this is the case.  Our gods are tumbling from their Olympian realms.  Those assuming their positions are as bad as they come.  Is this it?  Is this the crux?  The tipping point?  If the tide is turning, who else will get dragged down by the undertow?  The One Person who deserves it the most seems to be a Teflon Don.  What will 2018 bring?




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  1. Catherine Masters December 11, 2017 at 2:38 pm #

    I love this as a poem!