Will I or won’t I…?

I had a great meeting with a commercial photographer near where I live the other day.  he is a real pro and his work is lovely. So far no call back and he promised to introduce me to a small round-table of photographers in the area who meet occasionally.  So far nix on that as well.  So will I or won’t I be working with him?  I have no idea.

I am writing up my evaluation forms for SUNY ESC so I can get credit for my work at the Aegean Center for the FIne Arts, on Paros.  We’ll see.  I have had very little luck with the ESC people since they changed  their tune and became a place for adults moving up the management ladder.  When I first went there, it was all about learning.  Now it seems to be about increasing the global cache of the place while taking in the dough.  Maybe I’m wrong, but the level of bureaucracy has grown and that almost always means more administration who need to put things in neat little pigeon-holes and fewer teachers who can think outside the box.

We shall see…


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