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Not for everyone…

Wedding photography takes a special personality and I don’t  have it.  Sure, I know my way around the camera, but my skills are best used elsewhere.  I guess you really have to like weddings in general, and I’m not the biggest fan.  This understanding comes on the heels of my first wedding shoot last night down in Connecticut.  I was the second camera, so the really good shots were taken by a pro who loves her work and does a spectacular job.  I was responsible for the pre-wedding groom’s pictures (dressing, etc…) and some other things.  I was, I hope, able to get those shots.

To be honest I was not comfortable in this situation.  It reminded me too much of street photography-that sneaky, candid spying style that I am also not fond of doing.   Other people can, and the best to them, but not me.  I was told that as the drinks flowed people would loosen up.  That didn’t cheer me either.  I wasn’t looking forward to seeing or even documenting that experience.  Still, it is better to know than not to, and now I have that knowledge.  Plus, the event reminded me that I left the service industry for specific reasons, not just because I didn’t like the business.

Still, experience is experience and I am glad I was able to work with Stephanie.  She’s a real professional and offers a wonderful service to her clients.  She knows her way around the machine, has a wonderful eye and a charming personality.  She is an asset to any couple’s wedding day.  Please check the link on my site, or go here.

Next up…More adventures in commercial photography.

More will be revealed…