Studio work and session modeling…

I am deep into the session here.  Currently I am in the digital lab with two other Aegean Center students working on advanced digital printing.  Warning! this is not for the undedicated or amateur!  Seriously, once again I am amazed at what people pass off as digital printing or even digital photography.  Luckily there are professionals and those that truly care about the work and craft.

My work has gone into the studio.  It is such a relief to be evolving from the very stale abstract work I was producing before.  Certainly it was a phase I had to go through, but it quickly became boring and unexciting.  I have progressed to figure studies and nude models, a very difficult endeavor.  Thankfully I am also taking some figure drawing classes that help me with the concepts I am discovering in the lighted studio.  My work is still abstract, but they are gestures and negative space, curves and human form.  Very elegant, very metaphoric.

We are on spring break now for a week, which means no classes to attend.  Most of the school has cleared out and I have the darkroom and digital lab to myself.  Time to work.

More to come…JDCM

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