Parian autumn…

–It is mid-October and we have been blessed with lovely weather here on the island.  As I type this post at Port Cafe, the wind outside is slightly crisp, coming from the north, gusting at just under 47 km/h.  The skies are clear, the bay quiet…Paroikia too.  There are few tourists here now which gives the place a charm and solitude I crave after the long, hot, crowded summer.  Cafes and tavernas are closing earlier in the evening, sometimes not opening until the weekend.  I love it.

–I have begun printing the small images for my “cafe-CAFE” show to be held late in November.  I have printed four images so far, on Ilford Warmtone paper using the two-developer process I have come to rely upon.  The pieces are all from 35mm negatives and are all from the same cafe I frequent.  The show will be mounted there too.  I’ll send an E-nouncement to all…

–I have purchased a new set of panniers for my mountain bike (mine are red), the old pair literally coming apart at the seams.  They served me well for a year.  What do you expect for 27 Euros?  The new pair were significantly more expensive but they are of a much higher quality.  One friend joked that I will probably get a new bike before I replace them.  Not that I need a new bike, mind you…I’ll post a picture or two via Flickr in the next few days.

–A good friend and colleague is having a wonderful exhibit this weekend here on Paros.  Jun-Pierre Shiozawa is a painter who has been working on a series of portraits for the past year.  He will hang 29 pieces for the opening this Saturday evening at 20:00 hrs.  I will attend gratefully and gladly and then I must board the late night ferry to the island of Naxos.  The next day is the Naxos mountain bike race, in which I will ride.  I am fortunate to be able to do both.

So it is a week of art, photography and bike riding…Superb!


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