My current tack…

As the wind blows I am preparing for my departure, back to Greece, on February 28th.  This is still some days away, but this time will slip by quickly and I must make the most of it.  Family comes first and I can love them and pay them the attention they deserve.

Then there is the packing.

I have made the decision to jettison much f my physical belongings before I go.  This means musical equipment I haven’t used in over ten years; books I haven’t or will never read; clothing I do not wear anymore; old computer equipment and then there are the thousands of cd’s that I have accumulated since I started buying them in the late 1980s–that’s about 23 years of obsessive collecting.  A daunting task, no doubt, but achievable.

I am going out today and taking some pictures of an old front loader down the road.  I wish to have a decent amount of new material to work for when I return to Greece.


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