Moving along…

I believe that the most important aspect of my life today is that I not get mired in a lot of questions or dilemmas over which I have no answers or control.  I cannot control the feelings or actions of others; I cannot change my past or past events;  I cannot pretend that life today is the same as it was a few weeks ago.  To even bring it up in conversation sometimes seems like a waste of time and energy.

I can take responsibility for my own actions, my own past, and not be a victim.   I can see quite clearly that the only constant in my ‘life’s equation’ has been me.  Time and time again I placed myself in positions either to be hurt or to be taken advantage of.  I think we are all like that, even if we think an event is some random occurrence.  Looking honestly, I can see where I was the one who turned right instead of left and found myself on an undesirable path.  Through stubbornness, selfishness, arrogance or pride, I disregarded the warnings right in front of my face.  I am not alone.  I know a lot of people like this.  Some of us are better at life than we used to be.  Some of are not.  Thankfully there is not much I can do about it either way.

Anyway…that’s it.  Time to get moving.  Time for some footwork.



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