Milos Part 2…and The Beach…


I have spent the last two days driving around Milos.  I have been able to shoot two rolls of film and hope for another one, at least, this evening.  The sun is so bright during the day that taking pictures is almost impossible.  John Pack says the light in Greece is a full 200 measures higher than regular daylight Kelvin which is 5400 degrees.  Here on Milos I reckon we are reaching up into 5900.  It is blinding!  So the end result is that there is little to do when it is 30*, sunny and bright here on Milos except to go to the beach.  This I have dine and I am sad that I am leaving such a be achy place tomorrow although Serifos promises to be lovely as well.  The beach I hung out at here is called Triades and it is on the westernmost side of the island and an hour by car over very rough roads but it is worth the drive.  Amazing, really amazing, and deserted.  Now, that is my kind of beach!  Enough talk.  The two pictures are from the section of Triades (there are 6 coves) that I found most to my liking.  The collection of stones are some of the rocks one finds scattered about in the trillions along this sunlit strand.


Next update from Serifos… JDCM

OK.  I screwed up.  I have doubled the images, but they are worth it, I think.  I’ll do better next time. JDCM

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