Finding the forest spring…

As I said last time, I had become blind to the obvious around me and had lost my artistic sense.  To be honest I was angry and self-absorbed by this conundrum, thinking that the logical solution was to just pack it in and split-take the boat off the island.  That is the easier, softer way and has no reward other than glum arrogance.

I received my assignment from the director.  He sent me out to take pictures of ‘negative space’.  Now, I figured this was a trick, and it was, but it got me out of the rut and onto a path worth following.  We looked at my results and he pointed out that I should be taking pictures of what I wanted to take pictures of, i.e. the specific elements of the image, not the meta. which has been my MO all these years.  So I am now taking pictures s close as I can with my 50mm lens (abut a foot away) and discovering abstract landscapes and textures in the peeling paint and gritty asphalt of Athens and other places.   I have discovered a hidden spring in the dark forest and am being nourished by its life-giving water.

What a relief.  This makes my portfolios possible.  I’ll post an image when I can.  God, I am so much happier than I was.

More to come…


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