Final week of work and wrapping it up for the term…

My painting is all but finished and I have only to matte the 10 darkroom pieces I have made this term.  That may not seem like a lot, but the class time for painting has been an enormous commitment.  Two different drawing classes, the painting classes and time outside of class to finish my work in a timely fashion.  It has been an adventure but one I am not rushing to repeat.  I liked painting and did well, but it took so much time away from my photography that I feel I have let myself down a little in that department.  Call it a sabbatical of sorts, or a journey into a new way of seeing light, but I will stick to my cameras from now on.  I feel better with a good lens and a roll of 100ISO film.  The fall, I hope, will be a better reflection of that.

After next weekend I am taking off for a week or so and do some solo island hopping.  The nearby islands are easy to get to and will make for a nice change from Paros.  Sifnos, Serafos, Komilos, Milos, etc…They all wait for me.


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