Film, cameras and back in the darkroom…

With the demise of Kodak Plus-X comes the understanding that I support those companies that make film and employ workers and not worry about the terrible errors made in Rochester.  To that end I have been shooting Foma 100 and 200 speed MF film and like the results:  crisp, wide tonal ranges and pushes nicely.  The odd thing is that the poly stock used for the film base is light blue which, although it does not effect the print in the darkroom, still looks funny and does not wash off.  The initial anti-halation dye washes off, but not the base coat.    I am also using Ilford Pan-F 50 which is a smokin’ bit of film.  Both are consistent, stable and very available.

My attempt to find a space for a solo show has yielded no joy.  The lines of inquiry tossed out on to the sea have come back empty or with demands both financially and artistically too heavy for me to carry.  I am still hanging a few pieces in the upcoming 14th Colony  group show on August 13th and I hope to have some rural scenes in a hanging at a local health center.  Also, I have been clued in to another co-op, the real thing this time, in nearby Hudson, NY.  I will check that out tomorrow. There is also an arts co-op in the nearby town of Tivoli which I am going to investigate.  All of these are paths for growth, change and community–three things I need, want and cherish.  I’ll try to set up as much as possible before I head out to Italy and Greece in less than month.  Yes, on August 29th I fly back to Europe for another 4 months of art, art history and travel.

I’ll be taking a friend’s RolleiCord MkVI this time.  It has better glass than the Mamiya c330 and is half the weight.  I’ll take only one lens for the Canon 5D MkII (50mm L series), one lens for the Voightlander (35mm Skopar) and my  G11 point-and-shoot.  This  frees up a fair amount of space and bulk in the camera bag, which allows me room for the MacBookPro…

Still no response from those I have emailed.  Why am I the only one who follows etiquette in regards to email?  Not true, obviously, but please, people, throw me a bone here!

More to come,


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