Amorgos, part 2…

It has been a wonderful day here on the rugged and wild island of Amorgos, on the southeastern edge of the Kyklades.   I picked up a book yesterday which detailed the history of the place and it filled in many gaps.  One interesting tidbit is that geologically Amorgos has more in common with the island of Samos than the other Kyklades.   It is as if it split from the Dodecanese millenia ago and drifted west.

I spent the day exploring the remote western end of the island and I was grateful I rented a car.  It seems that the Dimos (town council) has cancelled all bus services to that area due to lack of funding.  They have suspended service in the high season of July/August as well.  This was good for me, in a way, since there was no one around and I had the place all to myself.  I suppose it will be good for the car rental agencies too.  In any case, I was able to hike, find some nice little coves to swim in and photograph some more walls.  I  sat in the Kykladic structure of Markiani, photographed the mouldering stones outlining the ancient settlement and mused on the idea that people have lived here since the 3rd millenium B.C.  Even then it was good place to be.  Below me, after a near-vertical drop of 1700 meters, the sea crashed against the rugged cliffs, endlessly grinding stone into sand.

I have managed to shoot two full rolls of film since I have been here and I ran out this afternoon just after the above mentioned archeological site.  So that makes it three.  I will return tomorrow for more hiking, more photography and lunch at a nice little taverna recommended by a friend. I have added some photos.  One is a detail of a 4th century B.C. tower in the small town of Vroutsi: free admission, no tourists and no rope lines.  The young man at the gate even gave me a free booklet with information.  Perfect.


Classical era stone tower Near Vroutsi, Amorgos.

Detail of the 4th c. B.C. stone tower Near Vroutsi, Amorgos.

Stone walls, juniper and thyme.

Stone walls, juniper and thyme.


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