15 days to go…and packing…

I’ll be back in Greece in just over two weeks, providing the river don’t rise and the airports don’t close.  I have begun to pack, if only to feel my way for this trip, which has some additions to my backpack.  I have some bulky stuff I am bringing, mostly art supplies.  I have not traveled as much in colder weather, even though the high temperature in Athens is currently 65*F.  I am bringing a couple of fleeces and some long-sleeved shirts, which all add to the bulk.  I also have a box of 8.5×11 Hahnemuhle printer paper that is in there, as well as my portfolio.  I have packed my small camera bag, stuffed with vine charcoal, pencils, and so forth for the drawing class.  It’s easier to get that stuff here than in Athens apparently. I will buy film there…Ilford is pretty easy to find.  My camera bag is all set as well.  It has all the electronic stuff I’ll bring and I will be carrying that on the plane.  My only regret is that the bag looks too new…maybe I can wash it so it fades some…that would be good.


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